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I’ve got 11 webinars planned for 2017. All FREE!

Sometimes I do change things around a little when the need arises. I tend to choose topics based on what issues my clients talk to me about in supervision. And sometimes I even put one together when I get the a question by email.

You can sign up for these topics by clicking the image and heading to my webinar platform. I’ll let you know if your topic moves, but rest assured it will happen at some point!

July 6: Avoiding the danger zone

Do you know the signs of compassion fatigue and burnout? If not join me for a closer look at how you can tell you’re in trouble and what you can do about it. We’ll also look at some great self-care habits to keep these issues at bay in the long run.

August 3: When it’s time to walk away

Working out the right time to leave your job is can be tough when you reach the end of your career. If you’re feeling like it might be time to get a new job, I’m going to look at when it’s the right time to go, and the art of leaving gracefully.

September 7: Building your programs from the ground up

If you’re new to planning programs, this webinar will be perfect for you. We’ll look at where to start the planning process, how to get traction and what pitfalls to avoid.

October 5: Finishing strongly

With just 10 weeks left to the Christmas break, this webinar is all about what you need to do to finish 2017well. We’ll start with the tasks you need to do right now, but also look at what things you should do before you head off on holidays to set yourself up for next year.

November 2: Research roundup

Youth work should be founded on good practice based on research evidence. I’m going to spend 60 minutes looking at the latest research on young people and how that should influence how you work with young people in 2018.

December 7: How to get started in youth work

If you’ve just graduated or you’re looking to start a job in the new year with young people, join me as I look at 15 things every beginner should know before they walk into work.

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