Working with young people

Working with young people can be a tough road.

They don’t always follow the best path, and one step forward can turn into two steps back.

As a school chaplain or youth worker, if you’re going to stay in this game, you have to be deliberate. Making time to equip yourself with new skills and knowledge and reflect on the work you do.

It’s about thriving, not just surviving.

I’ve put 15 of my best articles together in one book. There’s heaps of practical actions you can take to ensure your work with young people thrives.

And the best thing is, it’s completely free.

The master class

Why your group’s not working

A triage process for youth work

Ditching the “king of the kids” tag

Self-care for a weary spirit

Making sense of a bad day

How to review your programs

What Tweens2teen does

The goal of this website is to be the contemporary voice on living and working with young people.

It’s not just my thoughts on Tweens2teen though. I set aside time every week to learn more about young people. Diving into the stats and research to see what matters to them and what we can do to make a difference.

Apart from the articles and free resources you’ll find on here, you might also like to join my monthly webinars for youth workers where we take a closer look at one area of youth work. They too are completely free!



5 things that will strangle your passion in youth work

Youth work is the outworking of a passion or “why”. But if you don’t deal with the five dangers lurking in the workplace, you might lose it.

Las Vegas: How to help kids make sense of tragedy

Talking to children about tragedy is a tough topic for most parents. In the wake of in Las Vegas shooting, here’s 4 things to share with kids.

The unbelievable value of a why in youth work

Youth workers need a range of skills and knowledge to do their job well, but it’s why they do it that really matters.

Compassion fatigue: what is it and what to do about it

If you’re a youth worker, expect to face compassion fatigue sometime. Keep it at bay with good self-care habits, including supervision.

How to build community as a youth worker

Building community helps youth workers spread the load and leave a legacy. But you need to understand three bits of theory to make it work.

50 ideas when you’re stuck for newsletter topics

Writing a weekly newsletter column can be a drag when you can’t come up with a topic. Here’s 50 ideas to write on, and a guide to getting it right.

How to be ordinary in an extraordinary world

School is a place where kids learn to compare and talent is applauded. But there are three ways ordinary kids can find their extraordinary place in life and be happy with it.

Other topics on Tweens2teen

Life with teens

Teenagers requires a new set of skills of the adults in their life. It’s more about how you do things than what you do. And the same goes for your words. Start here, if you need some fresh ideas.

Starting as a school chaplain

It all starts somewhere. If you’re new to chaplaincy and would like to get a better grasp of the skills and knowledge that can make a difference to the lives of children and teenagers, click here.

Encountering tweens

It’s now recognised that the move from childhood to adolescence is a process in itself. That’s the tween stage. If you’re not sure how to navigate the changes yourself, these articles could be just what you need.

Is there something you’re stuck with in your youth work journey?


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