A bit about me

Having spent the last eight years training people, I’ve learned a few things about equipping adult learners.

And my experiences in working with young people and families gives me plenty of examples to draw on to help explain concepts. I like nothing better than helping people understand the theory beneath what they’re doing. Or introducing new ways of working that get the teens and tweens of the 21st Century interested and engaged.

You can read more about my journey with Tweens2teen on the My Story page.

Topics I talk on

There are nine talks that I have ready to go. They’re based on areas that I’ve had the most experience of and that really pique my interest.

1. The Hallmarks of Generation Z

A look at life in 2017 through the eyes of kids and what their future holds, it’s different than most of us think.

2. Getting Kids to the Launch Pad

How to help kids reach their potential by setting a great foundation and filling their backpack with useful life skills to get them through any challenge.

3. Building Hope

The concepts of optimism and positive psychology unpacked for the fed up parent or weary worker.

4. Making the Most of Supervision

Why it’s a must not a want. And what workers can do to amplify the effectiveness of their supervision and make it work the time and money.

5. What Great Sports Parents Get Right

Everything a sports parent should know to set their kids up to reach their goals.

6. Unravelling Complex Lives

Working with kids who have lots of things going on. How to make sense of it all and where to start in supporting them.

7. Smart Planning

Steps to set up and track great programs that save you time and deliver great outcomes.

8. Why Group Work with Kids is Messy

Working with tricky group dynamics in therapeutic groups.

9. Sink or Swim

Self care in the age of the smart phone when it’s hard to turn off.

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