Living with young people

It’s not just kids who find the journey to adulthood difficult.

So much of parenting is about plotting a course that seems right and holding on through the storms. Some of those storms can be so rough you have no idea where you are or how to get back on the map.

That’s what Tweens2teen is all about.

Sifting through the mountains of advice, statistics and research to come up with a best tips to grow great kids without wearing us out in the process.

Somewhere to start

The six types of teenagers

Talking to kids about tragedy

Creating a harmonious home

What they need to know before turning 12

Catching public transport alone

How to give teens advice

Why Tweens2teen matters

There seems to be plenty of information about parenting babies, toddlers and children. But a lot of those channels dry up one the kids hit high school.

As a parent myself, that’s when a lot of new challenges can crop up. Dealing with exams, relationships and the pressure of finishing school makes the tween and teen years tough for kids.

It’s not just my thoughts on Tweens2teen though. I set aside time every week to learn more about young people. Diving into the stats and research to see what matters to them and what we can do to make a difference.



How to tell it’s time for kids to quit sport: 10 helpful signs

When a child or teenager says they want to quit their sport, it won’t be the first sign to parents that they’re ready to go.

Little things that make a big difference to the mental health of young people

Youth mental health is a big issue, but for parents, youth workers, families and friends, the little things you say and do can make the biggest difference.

Managing mental health in the last year of school

Finishing school carries a lot of stress for teenagers. Where they’ve had some depression, anxiety or other mental ill-health, Year 12 can be too much.

Making self-care work: 10 things you can do right now

What started as a weight loss goal became a journey of self-care. 20kg later, and its not just my body that’s changed, but my whole life.

Is loyalty dead? Family life in an unfaithful world

Loyalty seems a discarded value in the 21st century world. But what if it’s essential to good family functioning and effective parenting?

The 5 secrets to raising great teenagers

There are some secrets to raising great teenagers that every parent should learn. Have you worked them out yet?

40 coping skills for stressed out adults

Coping skills are those things we do to manage stress and anxiety. Sometimes they help us and sometimes they don’t. The trick is to find strategies that not only help you cope with a crisis, but carry you to through it as well.

The main topics on Tweens2teen

Sports parents

With more than 15 years experience washing jerseys and cutting fruit, I also write about the special role sports parents play in the lives of kids who love their sport.

Parenting teens

Life with teenagers requires a new set of skills. It’s more about how you do things than what you do. And the same goes for your words. If you’re needing a hand, these articles are a great place to start.

Parenting tweens

It’s now recognised that the move from childhood to adolescence is a process in itself. That’s the tween stage. If you’re not sure how to navigate the changes yourself, these articles could be just what you need.

Is there something you’re stuck with in your parenting journey?


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