Children’s ministry insights for 2017


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Change is a part of life. If you want your children’s programs to be relevant to children today, you have to embrace change.

These are the handouts and presentations slides for a series of workshops I delivered at the Ignite Children’s Ministry Conference in Brisbane, Australia.

My three talks focused on the place of tweens in 21st century children’s ministry. Who they are, what makes them tick and how to keep them engaged. In the last session I also explored the changed world that young people are growing up in today and some changes the church needs to embrace to stay relevant to their lives.

How to keep tweens engaged in children’s programs

If you run programs for children, there comes a time when they seem to get too old for what you’re offering but are still too young to move onto the teen scene. In this workshop I unpacked the world of tweens and gave some strategies to keep them engaged. I also looked at the process of transition that can ensure they don’t walk away before crossing the gap.

You can download the notes for this workshop here.

Inside the mind of an unchurched tween

Is there a difference between church kids and others? Probably not, but there is a world beyond the church walls that many in children’s ministry are unfamiliar with. This workshop looked at what a tween is, what their world looks like beyond the church, how you can create outreach programs that appeal and how to work on attracting them.

To read through the notes for this workshop, download this resource.

The consumer is king! Why you can no longer do what you want in children’s ministry

Times are changing and we live in a world full of information and choice. The world has moved away from absolute knowledge to the construction of knowledge and for children’s ministry, that  means getting your head around the ideological shifts of the 21st century that will impact on how young people engage with your programs. In this workshop I explored seven changes that every church needs to make to have a vibrant children’s ministry in 2017.

You can grab a copy of the notes here.

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