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Information about professional supervision

If you’re looking for information about what I do, how much I charge and how you can book a session. Head to my page with all the details about my supervision service.

But if you have another question, then feel free to fill in your details below.

Guest posts and writing for me

It’s always flattering when people ask to write for Tweens2teen. At this stage, I’m not interested in having other people contribute. That might change in the future, but for the moment, I still have plenty to say!

Promoting a product or service

I don’t do this a lot. I’m not saying no, but my readers are busy people and come for information about living and working with young people. If you have something of value in that space and are willing to let me read it or test drive it, then get in touch. But if you’re not respecting my time and my readers, I will ignore it. So do your research!

Anything else, fire away!

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